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Inventing and creating value for the businesses, the environment and the society is the passion that fuels our operational excellence. Our Inventions have demonstrated the potential to reverse climate change, made millions for the enterprises and serviced communities at grand scale. We view problems through the lens of cutting edge scientific computing and leverage our deep expertise in these areas to deliver impact.


We aim to transform businesses with innovative workflows, AI and programmatic stacks. Our mission is to make your business ready for what lies ahead.


Maximize production for gas wells through neural-net architectures! We use Physics, Machine learning models, IoT and AI Solutions to optimize well cycles and production. Our product enhances production by upto 25%, lowers maintenance and downtime costs and automates workflows for field engineers. Our self learning plunger liftsystem adapts to internal dynamics and maximizes instantaneous gas flow rates.


Waleed Nasir

Waleed Nasir is currently a board member at Yale Science & Engineering Association.

Waleed has built several startups in the past, leading to acquisition and successful exits. As an experienced Software Engineer, Waleed has worked as a Senior Product Manager and Director prior to his current roles

With his extensive industry experience in design thinking and technical product development, Waleed has leveraged state-of-the-art technology stacks, tools, processes, and talent, to create highly impactful products and business solutions

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Dr. Ali Ahmed

Dr. Ali Ahmed is an eminent leading expert in the fields of AI & ML. He serves on the management board of numerous industrial companies and is associated with multiple software houses as a technical consultant. He is also a seasoned researcher with publications in spotlight at NeurIPS; a top ML conference with an acceptance rate of less than 3%. His alma maters include prestigious institutes such as Georgia Institute of Technology (GaTech) and Brown University, USA. He also worked at the Department of Mathematics, MIT as an invited faculty member in the year 2017.

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Optimization of Plunger Lift Systems

Skip the trial and error. Our self-optimizing plunger lift systems deliver immediate value for oil and gas companies by generating up to 20% additional revenues with increased production without additional hardware. Lower your SCOPE 1 emissions by eliminating venting cycles at gas wells, saving tons of greenhouse emissions.

Maximize Gas Production

Minimize Equipment Damage and Downtime

Next to Zero Emissions

Reduce Labour Costs

Our Monitoring Platform: Standalone, in the Cloud, or Embedded within Existing Metering and Monitoring Hardware!

Leveraging IoT and Cutting Edge AI Frameworks for Smarter, Cleaner, and Efficient Gas Wells

  • 20% Increase in annual gas production resulting from optimized cycle flow rates!
  • 88% Reduction in cost due to plunger breakages and resulting downtimes.
  • 98% Reduction in Scope 1 emissions during Gas-flow cycles. (Annually ~300MCF/Well)

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